The StepFamily Center Proudly Presents

S.O.S. for Couples in Stepfamily Life

Feeling alone in stepfamily life? Confused about how to navigate it? Whether you’re confused about your place in a new stepfamily or are having difficulties understanding your new partner or spouse, there is hope.

At The StepFamily Center, we want to create more success in your relationship and reduce your chances of breaking up. Since more than 50% of families today are stepfamilies, we need a new dialogue and understanding. Through our six-class series, you can get the tools and support you need to navigate the struggles of stepfamily life. 

Session 1: Why is a stepfamily different? What do we need to understand?
Session 2: Kids’ hidden struggles. Learning to be more empathic.
Session 3: Parenting in a stepfamily. Defining roles.
Session 4: Creating a new family culture.
Session 5: Are finances causing problems?

Session 6: Dealing with a difficult ex-spouse and parental alienation. 

Each session is 90 minutes and is done online in the comfort and privacy of your home. During each session, there is a presentation by StepFamily Center Executive Director Susan Swanson, PhD, LCSW, followed by an open discussion. You’ll have a chance to talk with others in stepfamily life who are going through the same things as you. 

Classes begin in January 2020.